MONTEK established in 2014, is highly respected in home and outdoor new energy technology. We are the go-to brand for discriminating buyers looking for high-quality products at great prices. 
MONTEK solar generators alleviate energy shortages and provide electricity to countless households, reducing electricity bills.
Enjoy the perfect RV or camping experience with endless power supplied by MONTEK for outdoor enthusiasts.
MONTEK provides convenient power supply services for DIY projects.



After years of research and development and repeated testing, Montek has finally completed its first product, the X-1000.

The MONTEK X-1000 was launched and mass-produced, widely loved by the public.

This product, with perfect appearance design, is as portable as a suitcase. At the same time, it has an ultra-high capacity of 1010wh and high power of 1000W.


MONTEK X2100 & B2100 and X1200 & B1200

MONTEK 2000W new products will be on the market soon, and the pre-sale time is 01/01/23

Power Life Of MONTEK