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MONTEK Products are available online and through authorized partners in the USA, Canada, UK, DE, etc.

Reviews Of MONTEK Users


Excellent product!! Compact, powerful and you can carry it everywhere. The design is versatile and neat. Being able to carry the solar panel within makes it a true portable solar generator. 100% recommend it!

Eduardo Ramirez

Los Angeles, CA


Brilliant design. The rugged, water resistant case is similar to a briefcase size so easy to carry store in the van. Plenty of portable power to run my toaster and compressor fridge.

John Allford

Tucson, AZ


Very good! They are perfect for camping, RV/Van and Overlanding!


Oviedo, FL


The quality of build and style is unmatched.  They are practically bespoke, elegant, and efficient.  I think of them as the James Bond of briefcases.


Fayetteville, NC